This time we *are* getting puppeteer

This time puppeteer is going to save

Hello everyone! Just yesterday I installed node.js locally on my computer for some Heroku business: which also ultimately caused the empty repl project! Today, we are going to be going above that. WE are going to use puppeteer! Before, you had to go to pygame and use webbot. Now we are going to use bash, and use puppeteer which is way better because you are using node.js.


Fill in questionnaire and you should have a package.json

This is where we get puppeteer.

JK this is how we do the real stuff. We install then run.

Real easy here, you just do the stuff. Notice on line 4. These args are absolutely necessary due to some restrictions set out by I think this is the reason for --no-sandbox because if you leave that out, you get some cryptic errors.


Fork and let's unblock some things! may I suggest surviv?

Please vote up if you liked this tutorial of sorts!

Happy unblocking!

Giving credit

This was made entirely by me and you can give credit by putting

Some side comments

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@Coder100 I actually just made something like this a day ago, you can just run Chromium from a .sh file on All you have to do is type in "chromium-browser --no-sandbox" and it's done.


Well yeah, but can you automate it? Also, this build of chrome appears to be on a chromebook @Evanlicious


@Coder100 You might be able to, but I am not sure.


hmmm ill look at that @Evanlicious