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Code Suggester
PYTHORE3605 (140)

Code Suggester

By Code Suggester™

This is a website that you can use if you get stuck and dont know what to make. It also has a Version page to see whats been updated, a info page to meet the dev, and a motto page that explains Code Suggester™ motto.

Ver 1.3.1:

  • New code suggestions
  • Major style changes
  • Developer Page








AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

Testimony from the owner himself.

The website is great and reliable, Soon this version will be published on:

In about ~45 minutes everything should be transferred over and be published with this custom domain.

Thanks for the wait everyone.

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

Hello everyone. It has been published.

Known issue: Logo not showing up. This is a backside issue, resolving shortly.

Whippingdot (657)

Bruh wut that website looks WAY worse than this repl... @AloegelhiPlaysR

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

Hey! I worked on V1.3.2 my self.

It has been published on

V 1.3.2

  • Added a known bug page.
  • Fixed logo not displaying
  • Possible fix for suggestions not loading
  • Centered the menu on the home page.
AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

Hey! Owner again hehe. I see alot of constructive feedback here. Thank you all for the concerns. has a main bug of not displaying logo due to back end issues. After that is fixed, New ideas will be added and yeah!

Whippingdot (657)

This is a HUGE upgrade from the red website I just saw...still rickrolls are blocked for me cause youtube is so HA!

IGamer123 (76)

Not Bad, I like it

SilvermoonCat (435)

@IGamer123 Thank you :)
More suggestions are coming soon~

AncientBison (68)

I was having a good day.
Why did you make me click it...
It was so bad...
No rick for me...

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@AncientBison ohh yeah imma take that out...

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@ch1ck3n ...
I have no idea how that got in there.... ill talk to the dev about it.. ngl it kinda funny tho

ch1ck3n (2055)

@PYTHORE3605 whoever did it is a genius

StringentDev (229)

what about the people who want a challenge? eg. a video CDN (cough Brewn in my profile [WIP])

Other ideas could be a programming lang (doing that too cough Virra)

A compression algorithm
An encryption standard (your own encryptor and decryptor)

Currently i see some pretty BASIC stuff (no PL pun intended)
Scrolling text... hmm one line of HTML5 does that one.
Canvas Game... building a PL (Programming Lang) to do that job with its own engine faster than JS is fun.
"Make a game using javascript"... bruh... thats a canvas game.
"Code Suggester"... --- ...

PS: i changed my pfp 10 mins ago.

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@StringentDev Thank you for the constructive feedback.. We will look into adding more challenging ideas.

StringentDev (229)

@PYTHORE3605 have you noticed the new pfp... and btw... im on the froggy chatroom team.

Code Suggester by Code Suggester TM

In Business terms, a Trademark only applies for a country unlike Copyright meaning it must be registered with every country. It can only be applied to names.

This means that what you are technically saying is the NAME wrote the website.

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@StringentDev Yeah, nice new pfp... im looking for a new one.
Ohh, that's cool

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@StringentDev ill fix that. once again thx.

StringentDev (229)


"Don't die today, Die tommorrow"

Second Motto should be:

"Tomorrow never comes"

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@StringentDev I like that, i like that a lot. thx

StringentDev (229)

@PYTHORE3605 Also, need a PFP? i'll be done tomorrow because my tablet is on 1% so yeah.

Just tell me what you want on it and i'll build it LIKE mine if you want (the style is called Flat design or "Quantum Paper" to be specific. Quantum Paper is the codename for the Material Design Guidelines.

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@StringentDev Yeah, i was looking into getting a new one, i dont know what i want yet. kinda want a snake or something that goes with my name...

StringentDev (229)

@PYTHORE3605 im thinking i might do a really derpy snek because why not. There will be blades of Grass and shadows in the PFP ok?

SilvermoonCat (435)

@StringentDev ooh do you hand draw pfps? that's my num 1 hobby too, if you do it :D

StringentDev (229)

@SilvermoonCat yep, ever heard of Autodesk Sketchup?

SilvermoonCat (435)

@StringentDev *Sketchbook. Yes :) I use procreate

my art’s on my instagram... lol
StringentDev (229)

@SilvermoonCat oops sorry. I also do logos for my projects and graphics. @PYTHORE3605 i have finished a pfp, dont like it, tell me what i can improve :)

This is also how i feel when all my work is lost to a BSOD (BTW there is actual text on the screen) i had chnged by mind on how to do it so i spent 1 hour sketching then a good 3 or 4 implementing it (not gonna make the snek brighter due to ambient lighting implementation)

Thats the pfp.

PYTHORE3605 (140)

@StringentDev Dang. I like it... ant the snake is derpy... like me lmao
Changed my pfp will give you credit