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Clouds... :)
ZarmDev (59)

Just a chill cloud, yes only one :/
(maybe just one cloud...)

For anyone who says this is low-effort, you are VERY correct.

cuber1515 (94)

I'm pretty sure it's technically 1 cloud (I could be wrong) but since a cloud is just a MASIVE amount of water droplets it can be considered multiple water droplets.

EdwardBentler (40)

I'm kinda disappointed in the Replit community. A game I made took me an entire week while learning how to use a completely new coding package, and only got 8 upvotes (not inculuding my own), sorry for ranting on your beautiful animation.

Also, sneaky self-promotion:

DynamicSquid (5068)

@EdwardBentler Upvotes aren't an accurate measure of quality or enjoyment or anything really :)

ZarmDev (59)

@EdwardBentler Yeah I made a website that took very long to make and had so much CSS but no upvotes only squid :(

EdwardBentler (40)

@ZarmDev, yeah, but at least people get noticed for their work, even if it's just seen by one person, it's better than nothing.

Writerfrighter (27)


Whippingdot (718)

Ummmmm how does this have 13 upvotes?

ZarmDev (59)

@Whippingdot Idk, it literally took 10 minutes

ZarmDev (59)

@Whippingdot I have projects I worked really hard on with 0 upvotes and THIS get's the most :/

CodingElf66 (321)

@ZarmDev Lol! Impressive! Even a whole beginner website took me a whole week to wrap up! Lol!

ZarmDev (59)

@JeffreyChen13 Practice and always explore and find different solutions

CodingElf66 (321)

@ZarmDev Thanks for the suggestion!

angrydoge (486)

@ZarmDev This comment was sponsored by-

PixiGem (219)

Can Data be wet when stored in a cloud?

BIue (75)

*a cloud (correct me if im wrong)

its just a massive object that consists of condensed water droplets

DynamicSquid (5068)

Nice! I like how you just used CSS :)