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Choice-based game
IsaiahFranco (27)

This is a choice-based game I created. The objective is to last as long as you can, and if you die you can start over making other choices to see more of the story.

If understand my code probably isn't super efficient, I am a beginner and still learning how to code. Feel free to give suggestions!

Wilke000 (624)

Love it!Also I love ur profile pic! Baby Yoda!!!

oignons (237)

Creepy and cool! No way to win though :( Oh well :)

HerculukeZeEpic (189)

It is cool!
(I kind of died so now i am deppresed)

BlueComet (116)

Wow this is amazing there must be 100s of possibilities

OllieDuda (2)

Is there anyway to win?


Gosh I love this, it's both really creepy and really fun.

WyattWatkins (1)

this is amazing have all ready died thrice

IsaiahFranco (27)

@WyattWatkins Here's the secret: There's no way to win

OllieDuda (2)

@IsaiahFranco oh shoot i just read your comment just after i posted the latest one