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Chocolate Bot 2 Alpha Report 1
Coder100 (17055)


Chocolate is a fun bot as a successor to @DrankArizonaIce's Coffee-Bot. Chocolate-Bot's prefix is -- and I have decided it has enough features for an alpha.

Chocolate's main competitor is not @CodingCactus. It is @Codemonkey51

Chocolate's goal is to be the best of it's kind, and I already have in mind a lot of new things hopefully you would like!



Bake some cookies! You can also get some LUMPS and CRATES and EXTRA COOKIES if you are lucky.


View the leaderboard of the world's top bakers!


Buy things that increase the number of cookies you make!


You can use magic to convert sugar lumps into cookies, and CPB into cookies and other things.


Give feedback to me. I would like to see what your suggestions are on chocolate so it can be the best!


View your profile. If you do --prof @[user], you can also view someone else's profile.


View bot statistics.


You can buy an item from the shop. For example:

--buy roll 2


--buy roll

Any other commands are in ABSOLUTE 0 and SHOULD NOT be used. Join the discord to learn more.

Click here to invite the bot to a server for a fun time!

NoelB33 (344)

This is a good bot.

Coder100 (17055)

that's because only i can run it @ZDev1

rediar (497)

@ZDev1 yeah your not supposed to run, its a discord bot