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Chess using minimax and python
alekklem (2)

So after watching the queens gambit on Netflix, I suddenly had the inspiration to build a chess AI. I have yet to program en-peasent en castling. (There isn’t a check mechanism, so watch out, he can take your king)

1: pawn
3: knight
4: bishop
5: rook
6: queen
7: king

(If anyone has an idea of how to speed up program...)

1927829 (0)

Also, I have a feeling that this computer engine is very unlike stockfish; it analyzes EVERY SINGLE position after x moves. Stockfish, however, throws away the clearly stupid ones like hanging your queen. If you can make your engine do that too, you can make it go faster, but that is very hard.

1927829 (0)

Since this board is on the white side, the king is supposed to be 6 and the queen is supposed to be 7. Just a small error. Hope you can fix it!