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Chemistry Calculator and Basic Spanish Study Program


My friend and I wrote the code for a project we had to do in Comp Sci. I wrote the chemistry portion of the code and my friend wrote the Spanish portion. All code is written in Python.

The chemistry portion comes with an electron configuration calculator and a significant figures calculator. The electron configuration calculator does not present
the information given a dictionary, but rather calculates the electron configuration of every element by itself. The sig fig calculator is proven by our chemistry teacher
and is free of bugs. Both the electron configuration and significant figure portions also come with a quiz mode, which allows you to quiz yourself and really get ready for
that exam.

The Spanish portion features a Quizlet like approach to studying Spanish. It quizzes the user on simple Spanish translations.

Some special features of this program include that inputs do not have to be accurate. For example, if I wanted the computer to acknowledge that I want to select the
"Chemistry" section, I can enter something like "chem" and the program will detect what the user intends to enter.
Another features is that the program does not stop. This means that if the program ever runs into an error or the user enters something the program is unable to handle,
the program will catch these errors and handle them using an error handling function that I wrote. It's time to say good-bye to long and confusing error messages and to
always having to rerun the program.

I hope you find this program to be unique and useful. Who knows, it can get you that A+ in chemistry!

5 years ago




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1 year ago
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