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made in node.js, it is simply awesome! IM Not joking bruh

ScreenShot -

In the image above, Alex was from Europe and I was from Asia. (yup! He is a moderator and he can block you from the site for spamming, throwing the f-bomb, and other words.)

NOTE: The rest of the code for the bots and moderators are NOT in this repl. I made a few separate files for them which are not available on

NOTE 2: Bots are not always available. They need to be activated by a moderator because of an issue

upvote if you liked it :)

(even if you didnt)

edit: like @LeviathanCoding said, I will improve the ui

nbbcsf (23)

Blah you can work on your design skills... and add some auth


I guess I should remove the gray thing

nbbcsf (23)

@AlphaGameDev actually I tried it out... it's not that bad