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katiewinton (45)

This is my first chatbot and I thought it was pretty cool. Here's the link to it:

emeralddragon (1)

great fun
its like mad libs

adamgr234 (0)

what language is this in?

A17aphillips (35)

@adamgr234: I found the code and it is html, css and mostly javascrpt

SharkFin (31)

You can do

prompt('What is your name?');

instead of

alert('What is your name?');

But its nice!

katiewinton (45)

@sharkfin: i knew that but before i was trying something and only alert worked an i just didn't fix it

katiewinton (45)

you can use some of my code as long as you give me credit

cosc (33)

your mom is nice. Green is my favorite color.

DylanN2007 (0)

Good job my friend.

HeerokDas (14)

Just hearing you talk about **** makes me hungry. Well, ****, it was nice talking to you. Maybe next time we can learn even more about each other. Bye!

I wish this was longer :\

richtan (123)

how about adding a swear word filter, cause i can make my name **** (replace this with a swear word)

katiewinton (45)

@richtan: I honestly don't know how to make a swear word filter. If you are doing weird things, that's on you. LOL :)

JoshDaBosh (82)

@katiewinton: if (curses.indexOf(nameInput)): //returns True if there is one or more occurrence of that word in your giant string
// delete their ip address

I believe you can find a huge list of curse words; I did for one of my bots before

SolveForX2 (12)

@katiewinton: maybe create some variables that are swear words, then if the answer is one of those, have a different message pop up.

CyanCoding (2180)

@katiewinton: You could just create a for loop that says "for each word in this sentence, if this word is equal to ...., replace it with ****.

richtan (123)

@microwither: or
if input in swearwords:
do this

Bloxy_Cola (22)

How do you make this Html Purely?