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Aloeb83 (58)

Meet Challenger

The Discord Challenge Bot for the Discord Bot Challenge

Challenger is currently a very simple bot with just one real command: vs.challenge

This command allows you to take another Discord member and "challenge" them to a random competition. It will then also choose a random loser between you and the one you challenge as well as giving a reason for why that person was unable to win.

An example of the bot is shown below.

The bot currently only has 10 different random challenges as well as 10 different random reasons for losing. While this does allow for about 100 different possible combinations, I would love to add more. So if you have any suggestions or other feedback, please leave them in the comments.


New Command Added: vs.clickbait

Using this command, Challenger will inform you of how many views, likes and dislikes a video with your title will get. It'll also inform you on whether or not your title needs more clickbait.

Here's an example:


samkarol (0)

You can select your main option v buck generator where are given many of new functions.