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Cellular Automata in BASIC (rule 126)
ArnavBansal (22)

It should be trivial modify it to produce any of these:

SixBeeps (5354)

This seems like something that should have been done already, but I believe you're the first. Nicely done :)

ArnavBansal (22)

@SixBeeps woah, cool!

TIL BASIC (1964) actually predates cellular automata (~1980s)


Roar123 (446)

This is nice! How does the logic work?

ArnavBansal (22)

@Roar123 Thanks!

We render one row at a time, based on simple rules: we look at the cell above, one cell to the left, and one to the right.

In this case, a cell is turned on if any one or two of the three cells above it are alive, but dies if all three cells are alive.

We can produce quite a lot of complexity from a small number of simple rules. Here's rule 30 for example: