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Carrots vs Cakes

Carrots vs Cakes

So hi, I made a new project rather like tic-tac-toe except-
🎂 = X
🥕 = O
But it cant detect who wins or if it is a tie. Yet. I'm working on the checking algorithm locally (with like plain console node.js and vscode).
Its an engine for peeps like me who are too lazy to write down a tic tac toe board.
however instead of this's UI being reliant on JS, its actually more CSS. I'm hardcoding the width and height of the tile class somewhat like this:


if carrot gets three in a row then you have to eat a carrot
if cake gets three in a row then you get a cake
if you tie then you get carrot cake
except carrot cake has real carrots

And it also is real flexible so I probably could make it a 5x5 board ;)

Side note: If you aren't on Windows, the emojis might look a bit, well, weird. Feel free to fork this (maybe add a checking algorithm?).