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2D Music creation game

not to be confused with MusicBox Editor, I should have looked at the names of all the projects first before coming up with mine

Place musical blocks on the board and listen to music play as balls bounce on them. This project is entirely my own with the exception of a few snippets from stackoverflow and other open sources. If you find any uncredited snippet of code, please do tell me so I may cite it properly. (98% of this code is mine, 2% open source (not including open source libraries included in this project))

Use arrow keys to navigate the grid so you can place as many musical blocks as you can.Place balls so they travel around the level and hit these musical blocks.

No sound? Click the screen. Chrome won't allow sound to be played unless user interacts with the application.

Try some samples I'm working on. Check the "samples" folder in the repl project and paste them in the Level Data text field:


Full screen strongly recommended.

With this program you can:

  • create your own music
  • recreate existing music
  • learn a little about music
  • save/load your music
  • change pitches of notes

This is still a work in progress. Before the deadline I hope to add:

  • warp to a ball so you don't lose track of them in such a large grid
  • fix some collision code bugs
  • add some sample music so people know what this program is capable of
  • smartphone support

Open source libraries used:

  • My own code - seen in my other repls, I've slowly built up a 2D physics engine over time and am reusing it here (as well as some of the assets)
  • CreateJS - for sound
  • Bootstrap - for HTML building
  • JQuery - for HTML building

Please take a look at the "Help" at the bottom of the MusicBox page for more information! (or go here )

Thank you for taking a look at this, I hope you have fun with it.

3 years ago
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Can i use this to make music for my game?
EDIT: and this is really cool

11 months ago