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Calculator - Simple PHP Calculator (Bootstrap design!)
marsbar (13)

This is my first project written in/with PHP! It is a simple calculator application that supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Check it out!

I also added this to my new site Amethyst!

marsbar (13)

@amasad I have made a new site for math using this calculator,

MarkErrett (0)

Awesome! How long did this take you? I'm wanting to do something similar with calculations

marsbar (13)

@MarkErrett It took like an hour, and I'm new to PHP, you just need to know how to handle form submissions, variables, and calculating (1+1, 3-1, 5*5, 10/10)

You can check out the source code of my site Amethyst which is a math site! (

MarkErrett (0)

@William3 thanks for the help, you inspired to finish my basic calculator too:

ryanokushi (1)

Your "Calculate" button actually says "Caluculate".

superpeter (2)

it doesn't seem to work in edge

marsbar (13)

@superpeter Could you provide some screenshots? Should work on Edge, it's a simple PHP site, maybe wasn't working because I was modifying it as you were commenting??

marsbar (13)

@superpeter Edge having issues with bootstrap might also be part of the reason it doesn't work in Edge