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CAIE Python2Pseudocode
jamesabela (30)

This program tries to convert Python to Pseudocode as used by the Cambridge International Exam board. Its a fun tool and not meant for any really serious work, but my students love it!

To use it:

  1. copy and paste your Python Code into MyPythonFile

  2. Run

  3. It will generate the file pseudocode.

Have fun and let me know in the comments if it is any use!

I've noticed that sometimes it doesn't update the file after you've run it the first time. Refresh the page and this will normally fix it. If you plan to use it quite a lot, I'd recommend downloading.

amasad (3447)

It's interesting how short and simple the program is! Really cool & thanks for sharing!

jamesabela (30)

@amasad Yes I tried not to use anything that my year 12 students wouldn't see in the exam. (Although I did have to use a bit of regex)