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Business Simulator -- BETA Version 2.0!
FloCal35 (471)

Welcome to Business Simulator Version 2.0

In this game, you act as the manager of a store. You sell create products for your store.

New features...

  1. Popularity. Effects how many people come to your store
  2. Other minor changes

Future Content...

  1. Ads. Now you can make ads that increase your popularity
  2. More ways to get money
  3. Upgrades. MORE MORE, and MORE of everything

Enjoy the game and remember, this is a beta version so it's not the final product. Please report any bugs in the comments

Version 1,
Once again, shout out to @YuvanVighnesh who inspired me with his, Buisness Tycoon ( Sorry for the ping

FloCal35 (471)

This post has been closed in preperation for the complete version

RainBowLion1 (6)

it you try to sell on day 1 it crashes

FloCal35 (471)

@Rainbowryan Yeah, you have to create the product first

FloCal35 (471)

@Rainbowryan Ok, it's fixed. Now it just says you can't then continues