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BookCreator [Alpha]
NoNameByProgram (198)

BookCreator is a node.js program (my first one, can you believe it?) where you can write books and some stuff.

If you need to change pages, simply change the URL (for alpha). It may return a 404 if something is not found.


Q: Why did you choose this as a project?
A: Uhh... next question.

Q: How were you inspired to use node?
A: Well, in my post about writing files (my original idea) Coder100 helped me by shouting that I need to use node.js. So I did.

Q: Can I copy your code (for educational or testing purposes)?
A: Solid yes.

Any more questions/bugs and/or suggestions will be answered in the comments.

RickiTomphson (0)

Thanks for this helpful guide! Recently I needed to write a student paper on Ancient Rome. I chose the theme of Brutus' and Antony's Speeches. The site helped me write and I got an excellent rating. Thanks to this guys.

botApi (1)

I really like this :)

Is there any limit of pages in a book? So what if I added like a 1,000,000 (using some test script) in a book, will the site be still fast?

Also, here are some ideas:

  • User system (so you can make an account and write books)
  • edit book
  • add limits, so a book can have a max of 1000 pages or something
NoNameByProgram (198)

@botApi It depends. If a page requests for the data, it may lag, depending on multiple factors. Also thanks for the suggestions!

Leroy01010 (408)

cool i wanted to make this in python all along

DynamicSquid (5029)

Awesome! Well done for your first project!