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Book Review

Book Review

Book Review is a website where you can find books and details about the book. If you have an account, you can create your own book review, and other people will be able to see your book review.

Login/Sign Up

At the top, click on Login or Sign Up. Enter the username and password, and click on Login or Sign Up.

Book Reviews

To look through the book reviews, click on Book Reviews at the top. You can also search for a book review by typing something and clicking on Search.

Create a Book Review

If you've read a book or series that you liked, you can create your own book review if you have an account and are logged in. Go to, or you can just click on Home at the top, then under the links, click on Create a book review. A third way is to click on Book Reviews at the top, and click on Create a book review. Enter the title and author of the book/series, and enter some background information and details of the book/series, and click on Create Book Review.

Your Profile

Everyone who has an account has their own profile page, and you can access it by going to You can also just click on Home at the top, then under the links, click on Your Profile Page.

Enjoy the books!


Great! Really Impressed but their a big security issue. in the cookies I can clearly see who's logged in and whether they are logged in. I can edit this.

I actually signed on as you. Please don't hate me

Instead of using cookies. Use something like flask_session.


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Nice, this is very well done.


@InvisibleOne, wow, did you actually write those books?


Yeah lol, I've written a lot of books and Novella's, now I just need to get around to publishing them. @ruiwenge2