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Bob web
AmoghTheCool (17)

Bob web version! the previous Bob was made in python before i decided to modernize it to web. do bob-inf for more information. bob-cmds for commands list.
In case you didn't see the previous one...
Bob is your awesome Computer assistant who is controlled with a CLI (originally in python but ported to web).
some of Bob's features include:

  • sending emails (look for bob-msg in cmds list)
  • keeping a todo list (look for addTodo, deleteTodo, and getTodos in cmds list)
  • binging (bing, def, howTo)
  • getting the date & time (datetime)
  • and more!

If you like it, please updoot upvote.

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codingjlu (483)

In line 146 you did <h1><br></h1>>; I don't think you mean that?