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Blackjack - Made with Python!

Blackjack is the incredible game where you try to get as close to 21 without going over.

You get dealt a card, after which you can choose to take another one, with the aim of staying below 21. After that, you can take another one, but if you go over, you instantly lose all of your bet.

In this game, you play against the dealer. If they win, you lose your bet, but if you win, you double it!

This game was created using only Python and its libraries. Enjoy!


You know that the tactic sounds pretty good to me. It wouldn't hurt to try it once. But I haven't played in a long time, and I don't know what it would be like now to return to the regime I was in. I remember that I played offline, even in the casino, but it is a bit impossible with this pandemic. Now I started playing on, and until it seemed pretty normal, I didn't have any losses, which motivates me the most. Where did you play what you would propose to me so that I know the future?


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@supersid2911 No way bro this is Mindblowing! Wanna join my team?


@FluidCycling This means i love it(Dont misinterpret it!)