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Bin of the week magazine
xfinnbar (147)

Bin of the week

Bin of the week is a great place to explore the hidden bin fetish inside all of us. You can read about bins, read about bins, read about bins and much much more.


My friend from school made a joke and I set out to make it a reality.


Front-end: JavaScript + Svelte + Routify
Backend: Python + Flask + Replit DB


How did you make it feel so fast and smooth?
I used a Svelte, a client side framework. You could also use something like Vue or React.

Who are the writers?
Me, Finnbar and my friend George, who does not have replit.


Does not work inside replit, you must open it in it's own page,

DillonB07 (25)

... There are no words

xfinnbar (147)

@DillonB07 Sorry about that, I fixed it now.

DillonB07 (25)

No, I meant out of shock @xfinnbar

DillonB07 (25)

Why did you decide to make a website about bins?


xfinnbar (147)

My friend made the joke about bins at school because that happened to be what we had to do something [email protected]