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Battle of the tubers!
FreddieRockett (27)

This is a game where you select a famous YouTuber, make videos, play games and do collaborations in a chance to win the Battle of the Tubers!

WilliamSexton2 (2)

Pls add Roblox to the games i can play!

FreddieRockett (27)

If anyone knows how to make it so that you can get people to make a username and password that will save their progress later on, reply to this comment.
If it works I will add it and you can ask to be in the credits section at the end! :)
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PAULX (21)

when you ad a modul who safes your game process like or something it was realy nice.

PAULX (21)

are you serious 5518 lines of code.

katyadee (1302)

Cool idea! Will this be a Game Jam submission?

DavidClone (15)

I chose Pewdiepie and called his channel T-Series. ;)

ebest (672)

@DavidClone OH BOI have fun rekting.

AdamPearce (2)

Amazing I love it!!!

HarperframeInc (456)

I chose T-Series :) [ T-Series' Power should be Bollywood music. ]

AdamPearce (2)

@HarperframeInc try Pewdiepies special ability ;)

Galamphin (115)

Really Cool Concept, and the actual game is really cool too!