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Basic Customisable Quiz Template

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This is a Quiz

Except it isn't really meant as the quiz it is, it is a template for a quiz that can be optimised in multiple ways. Another version is coming very shortly that has more options for customisation. There is a basic quiz procedure and an array of objects containing the information for each question (in order). Feel absolutely free to fork this and make a decent quiz (this one is just an example). If you do, make sure you tag me on it so I can check it out!

The explanation:

Each object in the quiz_info array contains two keys: "question" and "answer". Their values must be strings.

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To use this template, simply:

  • Fork this reply.

  • Replace the quiz_info array with your own questions and answers. Make sure to keep the same format!

  • Add any extra styling you want in the HTML file. You can even add images if you'd like!

That's it! Once you're done, you can share your quiz with friends by giving them the link to your reply. They can fork it and play around with your questions to see how much they know about you. :)


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