School Inc.
matthewproskils (472)

This is my first big project. Please upvote and share this repl, it took me a long time. Thanks. :D
After you type in the password it gets bit slow, but please be patient with it, it might take 2 seconds.
Credit to the G.O.O.S.E agency for insparation
Check out this animation:

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matthewproskils (472)

@ChezCoder Thank You For The Upvote, Please Tell Me if I should Create more like this! :D

ChezCoder (1604)

@matthewproskils don't let other people affect what you want to create, follow your dreams


matthewproskils (472)

@ChezCoder That's so nice. Thank You! :)

matthewproskils (472)

@ChezCoder ok, I upvoted your repl. Thanks

eekboi (285)

@ChezCoder Dont self advertise please.