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Auto Grocery List Maker
OwenDevita (2)

In my free time, I decided to try and make a grocery store list maker that would order your list to match your grocery store! This way, you don't have to look up and down your list to find what you need in the section you are in! Auto Grocery List Maker will order your list for you! Just follow the instructions at the top of the code.

Please improve this code. This code is definitely not at it's full potential, nor is it near clean LOL. This is one of the first projects I've done in Lua, and I'm pretty proud of it. Make it your own and maybe you can learn something!

Currently supported foods (without your own personal touch to the code):

"red onion",
"white onion",

"all dressed",

"fruit loops",
"granola bars",
"crunchy bars",
"chewy bars",

Cheese and Meat:
"chicken breast",
"chicken thigh",
"tri tip",
"mexican cheese",

"sour cream",
"coffee creamer",

Frozen Food:
"frozen dinners",
"ice cream"

"root beer"

"whole wheat",
"hot dog buns",
"hamburger buns"