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COVID-19 Tracker

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Edit: Despite this project coming up on a year old, it seems people are still finding it. I'd like to clarify that Yahoo's database, the project's source, has been archived since April last year, so it no longer works.

It's been a while since I was last active on, and I've finished some projects since then. Among them is a COVID-19 tracking Discord bot. I've added some screenshots.

But my friends got bored of it after maybe three commands, and I got bored the next day. So, I decided I might as well strip it down to a console program and post it here.

If I copy-paste the known issues from the bot:

  • Some countries don't show up under their names in Yahoo's database
    • For example, Palestine is listed as State of Palestine
    • For this, I need to manually make the program use a different name
  • Some ZIP codes in Virginia don't work, as they don't list their country
    • For example, my old ZIP code of 22903 is listed as "Charlottesville city" rather than Albemarle County.
    • I have no idea how to fix this, so someone living in 22903 would have to search for 22901 or something else that works
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