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Astrofuge Artificer
VishwasPuri (0)

A simple and easy-to-use designing simulator built that helps you begin the engineering process for designing a dual centrifuge for a large interstellar spacecraft that would take you to Planet Howler without causing any medical problems. It contains 2 modes; Optimal Designing Calculator and Custom Designing Calculator!

In the Optimal designing calculator, a user gets options of the number of astronauts, they want to fit, just as the number of bathrooms, exercise rooms, entertainment rooms, and gives you the option to customize the room to astronaut ratios. Finally, after it gets all the input, it creates an output with all the information and the area per room and gives the user a final budget and design of the centrifuge.

Our program also outputs the rotation per minute of the centrifuge. It does it by calculating the total area of all the rooms and then it substitutes the Gravity force as 1 to calculate how many times the centrifuge would rotate. As if there is a bigger area, then it would rotate slower. Whereas in a smaller area, it would rotate faster.

The Custom designing calculator is made for professionals who want to change the exact number of rooms for entertainment, bedroom, exercise, office, bathroom and more. Once they input their data, our systems output the information for the area it would take, and it also informs you if you are over budget.

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