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Animation Design (Make Awesome Animations!)
BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

I'm back! (due to emmet support)!

I had left the repl community, but I went on to find that there was emmet support! So now I'm back!

This is animation design!

You can make cool animations with ease!

Do not look at the css pls!

I made the css a while back and i release that i could have made it way shorter but I'm to tired to go through all of it and change it.

You can make some really cool stuff!

I'm excited to see what you guys come up with!

Send pictures of animations you guys make, I'd love to see them!

Hope you enjoy!

-BobTheTomatoPie aka ChanGe, Cg, Vindicator

Jakman (451)

@BobTheTomatoPie I'm in an argument with some kids that think Scratch is a real programming language. Do you think that you could find some time to go to that post and help me shut them up?

Jakman (451)

@BobTheTomatoPie i posted it on the discord and they locked it for being a dumb ask thread

DynamicSquid (5023)

I love EMMET!

what's emmet?
BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

lmao, it makes it so if you type h1 and press enter it will make a header instantly, its super useful as you can make the id instantly and the class @DynamicSquid

DynamicSquid (5023)

@BobTheTomatoPie oh, so it just makes coding easier? doe sit add any new features?

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

not rly but it makes it quick, you can make 100 buttons in a second @DynamicSquid

k9chelsea2 (770)

somehow emmet thinks that dwhdfsheiheyeet is a html tag be careful when writng text in css or html you need to have a space before pressing enter otherwise a random word becomes a emmet abbreviation

Name12 (161)

nicely done, bro. NICELY DONE
looks like you have become much better at HTML, JS, CSS than you were.

CodingPseudonym (41)

@BobTheTomatoPie idk why but this reminds me of a .io sort of game art.

ironblockhd (427)

I need to learn normal design first 👀

zplusfour (916)

wait emmt is the guy in the lego movie?