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Animal Crossing Game — made by me
SilvermoonCat (435)

Animal Crossing game, UPDATED!

Enjoy and tell me any errors and stuff

I’m quite satisfied with how the loading animation turned out...this is like the third code I made so it’s not perfect



SilvermoonCat (435)

@AJDevelopment xD youve seen the newest post btw, right?


for text color use

from termcolor import colored

#heres a way to print a red hi
print(colored('hi', 'red'))
SilvermoonCat (435)

@snekattack ya this was my old version and I don't like using colors that way, sry

JBloves27 (1878)

hmmm, pretty cool!
Suggestion: add a clear function, code is:

import os

Otherwise, pretty nice job!