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An h3 tag broke our code
KalebMuhlestein (4)

We are doing an assignment for school and we added an h3 tag for the additional text "and the dangers within", but it didn't appear, so we added an h2 tag in a different location, but now if we delete our h3 tag our particle image disappears.

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

the particles are so cool

AdCharity (1317)

Satan's personal pet. Need I say more? Who even likes geese?

Dante_Morrison (5)

the particles work for me, but you should look into defining whatever 'dat' is

Coder100 (17013)

There's a JavaScript error about dat On line 22. You probably mean data? Also, shouldn't this be a question?

sycrepl (10)

Probably something to do with the position of the tag.