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Among us
darkdarcool (91)


I'm making an among us game, and need a little help from someone who's good at python and has knowledge of the among us map.

I know little about it because I just got into it.

Let me know in the comments!

Keztone (4)

umm i can help with the map but not the code lol
I do python its just I just started learning gui

darkdarcool (91)

That is defiantly fine, I'll inv you, but I won't be there. You can just get working. The task generator is still in the making is still looks dumb, but It will be done soon.

VMTU (37)

@Keztone thats fine, i cant make maps lol

Keztone (4)

can you invite me @VMTU i play among us all the time and know the skeld map like the back of my hand and I can code the text, I thought it was like 3d but its text so I can do it

darkdarcool (91)

I'm sorry, we have stopped making it!
But you can fork it and add the skeld map and the colored text into it?
I'm sorry for this inconvenience.