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Among us art - The result of 3 days of hardwork
LegendaryWolf (620)

So I've created something with the combination of Tkinter and Python Turtle

Instructions -

  • try moving the turtle window a bit to the right for a better art
  • U can only use the button one time (or the 2nd drawing will be drawn over the 1st one)

  • more instruction currently loading, gimme a sec!

Comment on I can Improve this and upvote this if you like :) !

CodingDoggo (15)

Cool! and yes, wolves and dogs match very well, shall we be friends?

LegendaryWolf (620)

3 upvotes for 3 days of hard work......

LegendaryWolf (620)

@ch1ck3n, wut changes shall I make to this?