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Always Impostor Mod
JWZ6 (252)

Unreal!!! No lie! Full screen is best. Try installing it!

Th3Coder (93)

Did I just get rickrolled by your profile picture... 🤣🤣🤣

Edit: You tried to. You put that video in the code (I can see in lol.html!)

You REALLY tried to.
But I knew this isn't real.
Make it a bit more hidden to rickroll people! :)

Als ... Read More

Th3Coder (93)

@JWZ6 I edited the comment! Check it out!

Oh, and I noticed the new profile pic!

Is the cat possessed by a demon...?

JWZ6 (252)

@Th3Coder lol rickroll thx I'll try it

Th3Coder (93)

@JWZ6 you're welcome! Also your code is awesome 👍👍👍, just make it more hidden!