D & D Simulation

Game that I am making, still working on it, please give suggestions.
It is a bit slow, I beg forgiveness

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Also, don't be too harsh on yourself with all the bugs/typos/just things that I think would be an improvement. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in coding, and I know for a fact that I have my fair share of those things in my code that I haven't even noticed yet because as the coder I know how to use my programs properly, however if someone who had never used it before came in and try it, they'd probably be able to point out loads of mistakes, a good example of this is in my project "Python Dictionary" https://repl.it/ibuiltthis/p/pythondictionary I was showing it to a friend and I was like "I spent so much time just thinking of different ways of saying 'yes' just so the user could type pretty much any form of yes, spelled in a lot of different ways, like 'yeah' and 'yea' and making sure that they could use caps or lowercase, etc." and they just went up, typed "ya" and broke it. In short. Don't let the problems bring you down. Stay determined to finish and fix the problems.