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AlphaCheak Master VS. Professional Cheak Players (Testing brute force algo)

This was a brute force algo I made a day ago.
Just try it out.

Currently, I've seen two players that almost matched AlphaCheak Master, one tied, and another held victory in points for a short time before being thrashed by AlphaCheak a few moments later. The first player tied because there were no rules in AlphaGo's "head" saying "Hey make the player as least points", its head was saying "As long as a player does not get past you, don't smash them back down". Also, this isn't actual players and the algo probably isn't professional AT ALL, the professionals are just random algorithms that make random moves.

On average, the professional loses by about 6 points.

Fun Fact: AlphaCheak once won against a player with a 10 point boost by a factor of 4 points.

Apparently the only round AlphaCheak lost was during a round where the random AI baited AlphaCheak and then blasted AlphaCheak down with a streak which took AlphaCheak too low to recover in time.


Playing Style? Don't kno. From what I see, Im thinking its a thick barricade that is evened out so the random AI cannot catch its territory

TigerTheCat (45)

This is really neat! Do you think that you would be able to make a human playable version where one could play against your bot?


@TigerTheCat keep in mind that the AI might suck

TigerTheCat (45)

@GABELACANLALE Cool! I'm unsure how to play tho, what do I do?


@TigerTheCat Basically, you just pick a spot to move on and get the most points. Blocking a person off can grant you an advantage. You can also somehow hit the AI which could in theory grant you 1 point if that even works. Thats pretty much it. Very basic.


@TigerTheCat Sry Sorry if its slow I had to make the AI search alot of moves