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All Unicode Characters [It will take a while to load]
Th3Coder (90)


BrainF (yeah, let's call it that instead of its real name) is by no means the easiest language ever... (it's probably the opposite!)

...but you can type ALL Unicode Characters with it!
How many are there?
There are 143,859 Unicode characters! (Well, according to Google!)

Indeed, in Python you can use :

for i in range(1,143860):

But in BrainF, suprisingly, it's not even that long! Check it out yourself! :)

Important Things To Note

  • You'll notice a bunch of boxes first, then weird glyphs and symbols from various languages!

  • For a while, it will only display boxes but will continue later!

  • Also, this will take a while to load, so get some popcorn or whatever food you like, if you like food.

  • PLEASE don't run the code below, instead run the code here!

And thanks for reading all this! :D