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Alexa Remade (4500 lines)
fishers14 (9)

I don't think this is normal

fishers14 (9)

Hi! I would like to point out that your shakespeareane insult generator has something sketchy on the up voters

tussiez (1691)

He never gave up on this project

Coder100 (19278)

You've been rickrolled!

redstonesteve (2)


I'm in great pain

QuinW (0)

rickroller scum

-g (36)

I just like the song

ProNoob (0)


SimonB (12)

Great services! Fun to talk to. I like the quadratic equations functions. Really helps, and also is cool.

AlephZero (348)

WOW! Such an amazing project. It's insane, you literally replicated every little detail. AMAZING!
Can you please link the soutce code?

AlephZero (348)

@jjctpms: Thanks. You are an incredible inspiration, I can only dream of making such an amazing project.

haya (10)

You did rickroll me

AlephZero (348)

@haya: What do you mean? He didn't rickroll anybody.. Are you sure you are on the right post..?

haya (10)

@alephzero: are you with us on's discord server?

AlephZero (348)

@haya: Yes! I'm BaffledBadger on Discord

AlephZero (348)

I don't understand all the comments saying this project is a scam... Someone worked very hard on this and you just say it's a scam? This is one of the most amazing projects I've ever seen and the comments are just ridiculous.

replitcode (150)

@alephzero: You are so right... if someone came out and told everyone my code was a scam i'd be really hurt! You guys should just take the joke (if it is a joke) and congratulate the maker for their time spent on creating it! Don't insult someone's work just because it isn't all you thought it to be! Be nice people!

DerpyChicken456 (4)


DerpyChicken456 (4)

that took you 4500 lines.


@derpychicken456: Why are you trying to rick roll me?


@derpychicken456: Remaking Alexa took a lot of lines.

Flameteor (1)

I think personally that this is truly one of the the best repls that I've come across. It is very well-written and clean. The only bad thing I have to say about it though is that...

MasonMyre1 (4)

I hath been rickrolled!