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👌🎮 AdventureMan2 - The platformer game 🎮👌 [NEW MAP!] [ENEMYES!]
PowerCoder (740)

In this game, you will complete a level that contains parkour and obstacles.

How to play:

  • Collect all the coins to win.
  • If you go below the screens view it's game over for you.

Cool features:

  • Good audio
  • Nice physics
  • Nice map


  • New map!
  • New enemy!

If you want to make your own platformer game, click here for a helpful template.

A new map will be made every two days!


It's so hard!!

Bookie0 (6257)

hey its square face dude again!


ARJPEG (150)

Very nice, but it is very tough.
Other than that nice platformer.

PowerCoder (740)

@adityaru Thanks 😁. If you want to make your own platformer game go here

LilKid7129 (28)

how do u add music?

PowerCoder (740)

@LilKid7129 the music is already there, it should work. You probably have selected the wrong speakers.

LilKid7129 (28)

i meant @PowerCoder how did u add music to ur game? ;-;

PowerCoder (740)

@LilKid7129 oh

<audio src="instert_song_file_here" autoplay></audio>
ZeRuben (0)

cool but its not easy