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Adventure Game
connorstott (120)

Best full screen, but can be played in window view if you want.

xBlaziken (13)

For some reason, when i get to the cave, and then wait for the monster to return, nothing happens and it seems like it gets stuck there.

xBlaziken (13)

I also took notice that there is no

if path == "MonsterReturn":

connorstott (120)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will fix it now. :) @xBlaziken

ChungusFam (9)

On the game it says you ayttack the crocodile, you have no weapons it defeats you. The attack is spelled wrong.

Dart (1187)

This is awesome dude! Hope to see it on trending! Gonna play this through

connorstott (120)

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it! :) @Zexogon

sugarfi (626)

You stay still, the tiger is not stupid, it attacks you. Great game!

AaravKushagra (9)

@connorstott I finished the GAME! SO GOOD! PLS MAKE A SEQUEL

Commodore95 (8)

nice! i can't code well

connorstott (120)

Thanks! You'll get there @Commodore95

ReeceFordjour (2)

Nice (i play warframe too btw)


@TobyS Saryn masterrace ;)

Jyotiraj (1)

That's the best game with 200 lines of code. Amazing.

WyattKeenan (17)

It's that tiger every time, man.

Flux3on (11)

You accidentally typed "asses" instead of "assess" at the beginning. Thought I'd let you know

DarkXboxEmperoa (4)

Your eyes quickly open. You see yourself walking through a whitewashed, windowless hall for what seems like an eternity, you reach a door and open it. Your eyes instantly adjust to the shift into darkness, and you find youself looking at a frail figure which looks like it had been jolted awake; In a dark, cold, small room. Without any hestation, you pick it up and drag it back through the hall, until you reach a door. You grab on to the handle. You open the door. You push the person out of the door. Just as you shut it, realisation slams into you. Doubts swarm your mind like a disturbed swarm of bees, however your body disobeys the anarchy in your mind, it turns back and walk through the hall to another door, and you enter the door...

The man is standing there, staring right through your thoughts, slicing your mind in two, one side doubt, one side tiredness. The doubt and triedness bridge together and form one single thought:
'Did I really get rescued or did I drown?'
The answer forms at your lips yet you cannot ask it, forever hanging in limbo between thought and reality.

DarkXboxEmperoa (4)

Stay in the waters, wait for the monster to think you dead (fix that it should be(that your))

connorstott (120)

Thanks, didn't notice that lol @DarkXboxEmperoa

DarkXboxEmperoa (4)

Awesome game,but i dotn know how to win

connorstott (120)

I saw this on trending .O.

HarshitaBhardw1 (2)

No matter what I can't seem to get past the cave. And I've tried all the options. Is there a way to survive?

0wenDavies (1)

amazing not game

LiamDonohue (290)

die. also die. die? just die. dead. lol

LiamDonohue (290)

lol i died first question

jordicf10 (1)

Tiger is faster than you. You are dead XDD
Nice job!Congrats!

Lamby777 (57)

@jordicf10 You stand still. The tiger isn't stupid, and kills you.

connorstott (120)

You always have to be careful of the clever tigers @Lamby777

Thecrowbar1234 (143)

Calvin and Hobbes? You never read that?

JacksonSmith2 (14)

You're running through all of the spider webs, sipders chasi- wait... sipders?

JarenCascino (0)

everything wants me dead

connorstott (120)

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. @RamjaarAssaf

SamuelArdilla (0)

There's not enough information and perspective for the ending to have a definite answer. Not saying there is'int one but the interpretation of it could be either or. I'd work on giving the players more detail in the person himself. Like in one of the scenes make it so that the players find our he has a scar or literally anything like that so that later on we can find out if we really are still alive or dead, or if we swapped bodies or whatever the case may be..

connorstott (120)

There is no intention of a definite answer @SamuelArdilla

SamuelArdilla (0)

That's one of my main points. With that being the case. i can say that the guy we play as was a lizard this whole time. Or that this actually never happened and is just a video game. Or that "The Man" that we saw was a the monster himself. I can see where you might want to go with that, and how you want to give people an ending where they can interpret their own stories but that almost never blows up in the industry. All in all im not trying to discredit you this was great and a fun experience. Good job!

connorstott (120)

Ah, I see. Thanks for the feedback! @SamuelArdilla