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Adventure Game Battle Simulator With BONUS Versions!

This repl (it has 100+ lines of code) is a battle game in python inspired by text adventure games and I added some special twists to it. You can use this as a template if you are making your own adventure game. The standard version is player vs AI, but there are other versions too! You first enter a seed, which can be a number or a word. Note: This seed is hashed so entering it on two different runs will not yield the same result. You then enter Attack or Heal when it is your turn, or Defend or Counterattack if your opponent attacks. Note: Healing when you are in high health will not increase your health by a lot.


For the more fun-oriented: You can try the Player vs Player one.

For the more nerdy type: Test the AI vs AI one. On the topic of that, I also announce a CONTEST to make an AI that consistently beats the original AI I wrote.
Note: the two bonus ones may not be as well designed as I spent most of my time on the main one.

Enjoy 😁, and feel free to fork, or comment!

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This is a good game