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Advanced Webchat 💻
7ih (34)

I created this webchat a few months ago, but never posted it until now. I added a lot of features, such as as private messaging, custom rooms, and even voice chat. You can even send images!

You can check it out here!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Besides that, I hope you enjoy!

This was one of my first JS projects, so some of the code is very bad...
JenniferCarter (0)

Hi! I know this post was a long time ago, but I created an admin, but how do I join as an administrator in the chatroom since it asks for a username.

JenniferCarter (0)

It still does not work.

JenniferCarter (0)

What I mean is it doesn't let me join the room with the ! in front, without it, I can join. @7ih

7ih (34)

@JenniferCarter if it doesnt let you join, you messed up something

JenniferCarter (0)

All I did was fork it then run and than created an admin. @7ih

7ih (34)

@JenniferCarter hold on im making a super easy system thats so easy that it will be impossible to mess up

7ih (34)

@JenniferCarter Fork the new repl and read the new readme file

JenniferCarter (0)

Sorry it's me again but what are the whitelisted perks? @7ih

JenniferCarter (0)

Sorry for me bothering you. @7ih

7ih (34)

@JenniferCarter there are only a few whitelisted perks, the ones i can remember off the top of my head are

  • No spam cooldown
  • Some extra commands
JenniferCarter (0)

How can I add more/check? and are whitelisted perks saved by ID? @7ih

Kai_Justice (271)

This css, commands and room system on this is really good.
The code seems clean enough as well, this is a really good first project.

9/10 Would chat again.