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ATOM - a game based on the periodic table
SixBeeps (5036)

Hi all!

I've been working on a game called ATOM. The goal of the game is to discover all of the elements of the periodic table in as few moves as possible starting with just hydrogen. You can discover elements through finding them in various places, or you can choose to transmutate a pre-existing atom.

It is highly recommended to play this game in a separate tab, as it will prevent stuff like text wrapping where wrapping would otherwise be unwanted.

The game runs on exactly 500 lines of code (as of the time I'm writing this) which I'm pretty proud of :)

Any feedback would be appreciated!

ChezCoder (1613)

all i can say is coolest game ever.
although takes a very long time

Staff (6)

An atom contains as many atoms as its atomic number.
Did you mean protons :)
Have a nice day!

SixBeeps (5036)

@Staff Haha, good catch lol. Fixed it.

sugarfi (626)

How come you get oxygen for taking breaths but not carbon? Great game by the way

SixBeeps (5036)

@sugarfi From Britannica:

The molecules of two different elements, nitrogen and oxygen, make up about 99 percent of the air. The rest includes small amounts of argon and carbon dioxide.

There's not enough for there to be breathed in.

launcherman08 (21)

Question: If this is a game based on science, why do you lose protons if the Law of Conservation of Matter says otherwise? I am in 6th-grade science, so I may be wrong.

SixBeeps (5036)

@launcherman08 The Law of Conservation of Matter states that mass cannot be created nor destroyed, but simply transferred. That's what's happening here. You're taking the protons of one atom and shooting them into the nucleus of another. Now, as for extra protons that get lost in the process of ATOM's transmutation, well, let's just say they go into space, never to be seen again :)

SixBeeps (5036)

@BobTheTomatoPie Thanks! It's actually surprising to see that this is already 3 months old. Seems like only a few weeks ago I made this.

BobTheTomatoPie (3352)

Lol, it definitely deserved more attention. I mean you've added all the elements, it's crazy @SixBeeps

SixBeeps (5036)

@BobTheTomatoPie Yeah, that took a few hours...

LiamDonohue (291)

hi i was bored so i started this lol

LiamDonohue (291)

hi wanna work on the os thing?

LiamDonohue (291)

hi wanna work on DarkOS?

MatthewDoan1 (336)

Wow, I'm addicted.

Especially since I have an awesome periodic table poster above my desk. Pretty cool game maestro!

2009k (11)

good game. little glitchy on chromebook.

bossotron13 (72)

This looks super cool and i want to recreate this in python with your permission! Ive been looking for a project for too long and this looks really cool.