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AI that will guess your age Beta
galaxyraider9 (94)

I made an Ai that will try to guess your age it is still buggy so this is the beta

Bookie0 (6558)


I am actually -1.7 y/o!!

noway15 (97)

@Bookie0 lol lol lol lol

(people who see this, please keep the chain going)

tussiez (1691)

@BobTheTomatoPie lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

Donbt28 (1)

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

LitteJohn (6)

It said I was 16 but I am 12 LOL!

galaxyraider9 (94)

@FranklinStopar It has problems calculating more then around 150 pounds

FranklinStopar (18)

@galaxyraider9 yk I'm pretty good a C#...if your down to make something we should....I have lots of free time....

galaxyraider9 (94)

@FranklinStopar maybe sometime but this is not the best place to talk do you have a discord account because mine is galaxyraider9
#4550 if you have one friend request me and we can talk there

FranklinStopar (18)

@galaxyraider9 I only have a school email but
[email protected]
Just lemme know when your down to start broski

codingmaster123 (17)

@galaxyraider9 Dont think its good posting your school email publicly.

EnderMarkoth (8)

@FranklinStopar was it right >.> jk jk jk ….

EnderMarkoth (8)

@galaxyraider9 gess who's going to be friending you? ayeeeee

mewsgfer (0)

also problems calucating less than 1 LMAO

SilvermoonCat (468)

WOAh! This is pretty nice! Not gonna say my real age, but it was 1 off! :D

iocoder (166)


use Console.Clear(); to get rid of that mess!

Nayoar (585)

Nice, it got my age exactly right!
Can I suggest something to improve this? It would be cool if you added allowed the user to choose their input unit (for example, for weight, they could type either "170cm" or "68in"). Another nice thing would be to make gender input case-insensitive - small touches like this are what really push a program to the next level.
If you're not sure how to go about unit conversion - you might want to have a look at my API hehe

cuber1515 (94)

Lol, I'm 6 foot but it said I was 8 years old...That is one tall 8 year old.

codeninja135 (35)

why is this so right yet so wrong.

EdwardBentler (40)

Holy crap it was 1 year off! (Prob cuz I didn't know my exact weight)


It has my real age!

nityamghai (0)

I just tried it. It was close to my real age...GOOD JOB!!! You can lots of improvement here.

Hamburgr (18)

Ever meet a 5'8" 5 yr old?

TyrickWoods (4)

This kid works for the FBI. LOL

Wail45 (3)

nice, it said im twelve but im fourteen

internetmoha (0)

I think you should specify what unit the weight should be entered in.

hanbot (5)

they said i was 7 but im 9 :)

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

wow very very close to my age, thats crazy dude

noway15 (97)

lol noob look:

lol you're way off, I'm just extremely short and light

BlaiseKern (2)

Wow, that is fantastic. right on spot

PSIPowerhouse (7)

SO CLOSE!! It said i was 11 but i just turned 12 2 months ago

JacksonZwarich (0)

Nice, it got it sport on! cool stuff!

AnishAgrawal1 (6)

guess it is broken.

LuckyOreos (203)

According to this, I’m a 👶

The1Potato (0)

Awesome design! It said I was 13, but i'm 14, and thats pretty close, congrats my dude!

pythonSnake2 (0)

Wow. It was correct for me but 4 years off for my brother. (I think he messed up badly on the height)