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ACC Weekly Report! The Cookies and Cats Report
AstrumDeorum (141)

Yes, I know I said that I was done posting in repl feed, however I've decided that a weekly report might be a good idea, after today in which I added some pretty huge things.
1. Cookies
Yes, your cookie count and bakery name store to browser cookies, allowing you to save your progress. However, your CPS and Buildings do not save, so you'll likely have to do some rebuilding.
2. Cats
Cats are a special building, that increases CPS by 10%, this is subject to change, as it already has after a discovery of blowing your cps through the roof by stocking up on Cats.
3. The Lucky Headline
When 2 variables are the same value, they have a special output, that can have one of 2 properties: 2x cookies, or random % increase.

See you next week!

SudhanshuMishra (247)

Stop with that already... >: (

ch1ck3n (2027)

now i'm stuck with this name


@ch1ck3n At least the input is sanitized lol

ch1ck3n (2027)

@ANDREWVOSS why is there even a need to sanitize that html

AstrumDeorum (141)

@ch1ck3n That's your problem not mine