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A little project I did in unity. Sortof cool
InvisibleOne (3197)

Today I tried out unity, which I had used once before with a friend. This was my first test of it, I'll probably be making a real game in it soon, I just wanted to see if my computer could actually run it without completely glitching out... it sort of worked.

ch1ck3n (2340)

haha physics go brr

PixiGem (140)

@ch1ck3n Remember? Physics go brrrrrrrr?! Link - HyperDev100 was me, the winner of pog award

PixiGem (140)

ik unity too, you didn't write any code for this, only placing the object with a collider and rigidbody! no updoot!

Whippingdot (678)


I hope you worked on this yourself

I was actually thinking of starting unity yesterday but then I said to myself that I will first finish JS, CSS, C++, and C# before starting it.

InvisibleOne (3197)

Thanks, yeah knowing C# would be really helpful with unity. I know a bit so I think I'll get by. I'm working on a 2d topdown shooter as my current unity project, with the goal and destroying everything possible. We'll see how far I get.

Bunnytoes (165)

@InvisibleOne I need help with a unity game, it says unable to Parse etc.

InvisibleOne (3197)

Ok lol, I'll see if I can help, what's the exact error? Could you send me a screenshot or copy and paste it, I'm guessing that something to do with an error in your code, maybe trying to convert an int to a string in a non proper way or something. @Bunnytoes

Bunnytoes (165)

@InvisibleOne it's not coding, here is the text
Unable to parse Build/CUBETHONFOREPLIT.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

InvisibleOne (3197)

Well, I haven't used it enough to know what would be causing that. Just make sure that you set the platform to WebGL (I think) when you build it, it ran just fine with no errors for me. @Bunnytoes

NotRandomPerson (6)

This is cool but lags my entire pc