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A Simple Login System using Google Sheets API
NihalAnand (33)

I made a login system that stores entered usernames and passwords and can use those to login and do something. As in the title, it uses Google's Sheets API and a library called gspread. It doesn't have any encryption, it just stores normal data. This is a system that doesn't really do anything, but I plan to use it for some of my other more game-oriented projects. I guess just mess around with it. Thanks!


Cool! Do you mind if I use some of the code? I'm making a game and this might be useful.

NihalAnand (33)

@AHulot Go ahead! It's why I made it :)

combusken (12)

Very Nice! Is there a way to implement JavaScript in this?

combusken (12)

@NihalAnand1 To use front-end or back end JS to create a login sysem using Google Sheets.

NihalAnand (33)

@combusken Ah, I see. The library I used is Python-only, so maybe? If you used Django or something, I'm sure it would be possible. I don't know enough about JS to do it, but if you can figure it out, go for it!

slip1244 (257)

@combusken i have experience with js api for google sheets if you want it

combusken (12)

@nithilan4 Thanks, but I don't need it right now, but could you send a link to an example of a JavaScript Google Sheet API implementation?

AdCharity (1322)

Cool! I look forward to seeing what do make with it. Can you store user settings in google sheets too?

NihalAnand1 (1)

@AdCharity Theoretically, yes. In other words, I'm working on it :)