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A Python Fishtank
Dart (1200)

just a little animation i made after i got bored
watch the fish swim around
might add the option to feed them if i get around to it

Dart (1200)

added an extra frame to make the animation more smooth

Alexanderprog (7)

Wait (I might be stupid) what is that thing in the corner (the not fish thing)

AdCharity (1322)

that probably took a while to make :D

Warhawk947 (527)

@Clubpenguinded thats kind of a mean thing to say but ok...

Dart (1200)

@Clubpenguinded id like to see you do better :)

AdCharity (1322)

@Clubpenguinded yea but compared to the dozens of spam works this is pretty great. I mean look at the empty project. It’s literally a joke with less code and comparable upvotes

Zavexeon (1162)

@Zexogon Hey, just report messages like that, please. :3
I deleted it and will ban the user.

Zavexeon (1162)

Your profile picture is adorable.

Dart (1200)

@Zavexeon thanks! :3 i like yours too!

MatthewDoan1 (332)

@Zavexeon It totally isn't a knockoff of zwack's profile picture

Zavexeon (1162)

@MatthewDoan1 Zwack's isn't cute though. OwO

Zavexeon (1162)

@MatthewDoan1 Mine's a drawing I did. He's a Breloom from Pokemon with a cute flower scarf.


@Zavexeon Not related to anything but wanted to share

Dart (1200)

@Zavexeon . o . a moderator replied to my post owo

Dart (1200)

@Zavexeon XD do you have discord? if so can you add me so we can talk in a better way Dart#5588

Dart (1200)

fixed the little ' in the bottom left

kidgaming46 (14)

tHiS Is oKiE DoKiE

Dart (1200)

animated more things!

Dart (1200)


Bookie0 (6259)

I like it very much! But why did you name a variable for the time?

Anyways super cool!

Have a fantastic day

Dart (1200)

@Bookie0 it was so i could test the speed of the animation without having to change each line

and you too uwu

Bookie0 (6259)

Hey @Zexogon oh ok I understand

Thanks for your response though!

Have a Good evening

AlexanderLanglo (8)

if this gets a like from the creator (to signify that he wants me to do this, not just for likes) i will add a feature to feed the fish, i mean it will take me a long time but, hey youll get it one day

AlexanderLanglo (8)

@Zexogon YAY, im in school rn so based on my schedule, ill be able to get something done when im at my house. im new to repl, so idk if i send it to you or what, bc i would want you to see a basic prototype. Edit: also, what is that number on the side of my name signify lol? sorry for all the questions.

Dart (1200)

@AlexanderLanglo the number is your total cycles or upvotes
And feel free to send me stuff on discord at Dart#5588

AlexanderLanglo (8)

@Zexogon ok, ill send u some stuff on discord

AlexanderLanglo (8)

@Zexogon I have finished the repl and posted it. Honestly it took longer than it should've

PhoenixCreator (1)

if you do this in terminal the clear function will run faster


Wow, that's incredible

ThePhoenixfish (41)

Thanks for post
I learnt how to make punctuation Fish :D

DakotaRoss2 (19)

Hey, my guy! Cool animation! It is quite hypnotic...

DylanFr (1)

cool program! never really thought about making an animation

PyShare (5)

Very, very good work from you. You have to be quite dedicated to create a project that is repetitive when coding it. Upvoted

RadinGeekPython (7)

Cant you do

print('''blah blah
blah blah
blah blah''')

Instead of a print for every singe line?

Dart (1200)

@RadinGeekPython if you mean press enter in the string no you cant

Warhawk947 (527)

@Zexogon no u use triple strings (''') and that will let you do multi-line printing.

Dingbat714 (2)

@RadinGeekPython if u use \n it will make a new line.
For example,
print(Hi\nMy name is asdf)
would output:
My name is asdf

Dart (1200)

@Warhawk947 thanks this is really usefull!

Warhawk947 (527)

@Dingbat714 true... but ''' saves a tiny bit more time

LittleNomster (114)

good job, your avatar looks like it could use a huggle

MoranLeven (1)

I added some bubbles in your fish tank :)

SamuelPKuld (12)