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A Birthday Card In Pygame

A Birthday Card In Pygame


Hi, guys! Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I made an online birthday card for her! It's written in Pygame, and I felt like sharing it, so here it is!

How I Made It

First, I went to and found this font, then uploaded it. I created a write_text() function, and I used lines to draw the outline of the card. Then, I uploaded blue, purple, green, yellow, and red balloons that animate to the top of the screen (there will be 100 of them)!


Thanks to Google Fonts for giving me a perfect font!
Thanks to Google Images for giving me a whole perfect color set of balloons that I can animate!
Thanks to the creators of the Replit Tutorials on Pygame, it helped me on my way to create this project!


Hope you enjoy the birthday card! Bye!

Note: If you want to view it in fullscreen, here is the link: