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3D Online Tag Game
rafaelcastrocouto (52)

Vanilla JS 3D Online Tag Game

timmy_i_chen (1188)

It just loads for forever for me, did the server c rash? :(

rafaelcastrocouto (52)

@timmy_i_chen does it crash on server side or on the client browser? What's your browser?

timmy_i_chen (1188)

@rafaelcastrocouto Ah, it works for me now - before it would load infinitely until it timed out.

rafaelcastrocouto (52)

@timmy_i_chen Great, I really hope you like it! I'm feeling very proud of being able to create a 3D perspective in a multiplayer game without frameworks and engines!

timmy_i_chen (1188)

@rafaelcastrocouto For sure! What's so cool is that this is all vanilla JS - no 3D libraries or anything. Kudos!

amasad (3541)

Really awesome game and underrated!

BehramArif (1)

I REALLY like how something happens when you turn, but it hurts my eyes.

nice job tho!

DotaCardChannel (1)

Neat pure 3D JS. Loved the tagged "drunk effect" s2

cowboyyall10 (8)

why does it shake? is it broken?

rafaelcastrocouto (52)

It's just an effect to let the player know that he's the one tagging @cowboyyall10

DemonZZ (1)

it says that it ran into an internal error :/