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3D Cube Animation
STCollier (36)

Just a simple 3D cube animation made from CSS.


STCollier (36)

@DynamicSquid Thanks so much!! I've never gotten this many upvotes before :D

LeSensei (24)

this is actually cool

Rufus310 (8)

Wow this is really cool.

STCollier (36)

@Rufus310 Thanks so much!! :D I really appreciate all of the upvotes!!

STCollier (36)

@ANDREWVOSS thanks!! It's definitely my favorite language to program out of HTML/CSS/JS. I really enjoy it!!


@STCollier CSS is cool, but I could never get the hang of the more advanced parts.

STCollier (36)

@ANDREWVOSS like the @keyframes rule and such? Really, I'm sure you could learn a ton from W3Schools CSS. Honestly, that website has been SOOO helpful to me.


@STCollier I've went through a few of W3Schools's CSS tutorials, and they're just not quite in-depth enough for me. Plus, I've never been good with graphic design :p

SilvermoonCat (435)

cool! the background hurts my eyes > <

STCollier (36)

@SilvermoonCat Haha, I kinda just picked it out randomly, I didn't really think about it too much, but I wanted a contrast to the red/orange/yellow, so cyan seemed fine.

Whippingdot (652)

I wish I could turn it around

STCollier (36)

@Whippingdot Yeah, well this is my first 3D CSS object, so I haven't figured that out yet ;)